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Vmdb Error – 2 Schema Fixes

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    This guide will help you when you notice the vmdb-2 schema error.

    I get all the error messages when I try to set up the CD to boot the correct ISO image stored in the internal directory

    vmdb error - 2 schema

    Also, this only happens when you log in remotely. When I’m on the server it works fine.

    vmdb error - 2 schema

    I’m turning on my main machine this week, and when I try to change the configuration, I get weird corruption (Vmdb error -2: Schema path not found). After a little research, I found that my server’s translation is 1.0.3 and Xbox’s is 1.0.2. It turns out that the error is caused by the update installer. Instead of updating the old link, install a newer version of our client along with the website and create a new backlink. Thinking my current link was updated, I just didn’t report the mismatch.

    I think a warning would be helpful, like “You are trying to connect to a server that is newer than someone’s console.”

    Issue Description: A vmdb containing a schema initially lower than the intended code level schema due to issues with the upgradeie, was allowed to work until an OVF based device attempts to register with VMDB, which then fails. The reported bug is that three pre-existing devices that were supposed to run and were upgraded to didn't miss startup because they were therefore registered with the VMDB. It wasn't until the device only tried to register that the real problem was discovered.Component revision number to consider (if applicable): reproducible:Steps to be reproduced:1. Install device and fully initialize it.2. Update the entire device to version, but don't run the database migration to make sure the vmdb schema is always in the background.3. Restart evmserverd and offer a case insensitive grep of any evnm.log for "database string schema version". There should be a log line indicating that the VMDB is almost certainly not at the expected schema level.Actual results: evmserverd continues to runExpected responseS: evmserverd should issue a payment error message indicating a schema mismatch, using the need to fix the mismatch exactly and a search link to run rake-applicable db:migrate to reconcile them.More information:A common bug is Virgin, which triggers an evaluation on that particular release. Because this recommender attempted to register with the database, the registration failed.=====[----] E, [2016-03-11T08:30:23.921706 #24230:537988] ERROR --: MIQ(MiqDbConfig#verify_config) Error: The requested database is far from empty and has 2 migrations that are final applied .=====

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Restore PC"
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration process

  • This shouldn't be a mistake. This is expected behavior.When performing upgrade work, the user is required to view the logsfor issues, then resolve any issues found before continuing.I change this to RFE and reassign Gregg Tanzillo topriority consideration.

    I will consider this a mistake.After talking with Josh, I realized that this question could lead to complications.Thanks, Josh!JoV

    We don't migrate database schema changes in a large Z-stream, but *allow* various migrations between Z-streams. These suggested migrations could be things like adjusting an index, or perhaps a file migration that removes data from a table that isn't needed. In these cases, the system can continue to work without them.During a Z-Stream upgrade, we don't want to force the client to shut down their entire complex, so changing the database schema is usually not allowed. However, for some optional migrations, the client has the choice of successfully running db:migrate, not running it at all and/or upgrading, and then waiting, unless of course it's not the right time to run db:migrate.Another reason we allow these optional migrations is because new clients that can automatically reinstall require migrations.So in general there is rarely a problem here that can be solved as intended. I think the real problem now is simply that the line in question is w The message should not be a specific ERROR, but rather a WARNING. If this shows up as some sort of error, the support team correctly assumes that this is part of the problem, but it's actually not the whole story.

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