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Solutions For SQL Error 0 Sqlstate 01004

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    In this blog post, we will find out some of the possible causes that can lead to sql 0 sqlstate 01004 error and after that, we will share some possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem. “ODBC Error: SQLSTATE = 01004, Native Error Code = 1006. Buffer too small, data truncated.” In setting.

    DB2 Electronic Problem Description

    Issue IC68368 Status: Closed

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  • If truncation scope is not set in stored procedure, SQLCODE and message token for truncation warning

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    Product: sql error 0 sqlstate 01004

    DB2 FOR LUW / DB2FORLUW / 970 - DB2
    Issue description: sql error 0 sqlstate 01004

    In an SQL stored procedure when truncated in some wrappersSQLCODE and truncation warning token are not set. The following example illustrates the problem: in the market connect to the test % Set server output to % Create or replace a walk testbegin  assert integer sqlcode;  integer report save_sqlcode;  declare signal varchar(128) default '';   clob(4) express;  declare char(8) default 'abcdefgh';  articulated C char(1);   Continuous complaint handler for sqlwarning, sqllexception  begin    Throw diagnostic exception 1 Message equals message text;    adapt save_sqlcode Sqlcode; =    call dbms_output.put_line('In handler: sqlcode=' ||save_sqlcode      || '; message body=''' || Classes ''''); ||  End;   -- Why should weYou get SQLCODE 445 and a fabulous message token here...  connect to dbms_output. put_line('CLOB test:');  package CL = clob(S, 4);   -- ... but not here?  call dbms_output.put_line('SET test:');  choice C = 'foo';zero percent end test call % Output: test call   return status = 0 CLOB test:In the handler: sqlcode=445; thought text = 'SQL0445W value"abcdefgh" has been truncated. SQLSTATE=01004 'INSTALL test:In the handler: sqlcode=0; email body = '' We see SQLCODE +445 and this valid token for both cases,However, this is only fixed for the awesome SET statement. Then thisWe get the 2nd statement defined in the SQLCA but our command SQLSTATE '01004'didn't get SQLCODE and invalid character.This APAR will change our behavior. A side effect of not returning sqlcode is that we get -443.the value of the token is empty.
    Issue summary:

    What Sqlcode 326?

    SQLCODE 326 is returned when using the new struct parameter passing method. is in use and the number of specified host components is *greater*. a large number of columns in the accounting list.

    **************************************** *** ******************************** AFFECTED USERS:* All 7 .******************************************************* ******************************* DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM: **In an SQL stored procedure when truncation occurs in some cases** SQLCODE and token for truncation warning ne are defined. We bring ** SQLSTATE '01004' is one of ours in SQLCA, but we don't necessarily get the SQLCODE and* valid token. Side effect of not returning SQLCode equal to 1.* When we get get-443, the specific token value is not populated. ( Space )******************************************************* ******************************* RECOMMENDATION:

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