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Troubleshooting The Hybrid Drive

Sometimes your computer may show an error with the message “Hybrid Troubleshooting”. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Configuring a hybrid deployment that Exchange performs with the Hybrid Configuration Expert greatly reduces the risk of problems across the entire hybrid deployment. However, there are typical areas outside the scope of the Hybrid Configuration Wizard that, if not properly configured, can cause problems in a hybrid deployment. This section covers the following common career areas where problems may occur and provides basic steps to check or troubleshoot problems:

  • Local Exchange Servers

  • How do I know if my Exchange hybrid is healthy?

    To test your Exchange mixed configuration, simply remove the EAC and navigate to the hybrid node (Figure 2). If you see an Enable or Configure button on the Build page, it means your on-premises Exchange won’t work in a hybrid deployment.


  • Errors specific to this hybrid configuration wizard

  • See Hybrid Deployment Process for other management steps related to hybrid deployment.

    What Do You Need To Know Before You Start?

    How do you troubleshoot a free busy hybrid?

    Open the Exchange Management Shell on your local Exchange 2010 or 2013 server.Run the command Test-FederationTrust -UserIdentity [email protected] -verbose, where user means that this on-premises user who is having display problems sees the user’s free/busy information in the cloud.

  • Approximate time to complete this task: depends on the type of hybrid deployment issues encountered

  • You must obtain permissions before your needs can be met.thread this procedure or this company. To find out what permissions you’re requesting, read the full entry on hybrid deployments in Exchange PowerShell and Object Permissions.

  • The guidance in this section applies to hybrid deployments configured with this specific hybrid wizard configuration. Manually configured hybrid deployments are certainly supported.

  • For keyboard shortcuts that can be applied to the procedures in this topic, see Exchange admin center keyboard shortcuts.

  • What Does Your Company Want To Do?

    Troubleshoot Issues With On-premises Exchange Servers

    Setting up an on-premises Exchange server is usually the area where most problems can arise in a hybrid deployment. Typically, the elements to check are:

  • hybride troubleshooting

    Accessibility. Proper Internet access for on-premises Exchange servers can be critical to the operation of a hybrid deployment. For proper operation of Hybrid Elements, you must configure a local firewall or otherA security device to allow inbound Internet access for Autodiscover as Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoints through on-premises Exchange servers. Exchange servers must also be designed to accept incoming SMTP mail. If the Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service that’s included with your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization can’t complement on-premises Exchange servers, properly protect mail transport from an Exchange Online group to your on-premises organization.< /p>

  • Certificates. The digital certificate chosen to securely transport mail between an organization’s on-premises specifications and Exchange Online must be signed by a third party for installation on most Internet-facing on-premises Exchange servers running Exchange Online Communication. the consignment. Certificate Importance (CA) must not be expired and is required for IIS and SMTP Help assignment. If these certificate requirements are not met, secure mail transport from the Exchange Online organization to the on-premises organization will not work. For more information about certificate requirements, see Troubleshooting Certificates” later in this section.

  • How does your website know if your Exchange servers are configured correctly?

    To verify that you have successfully published your local Exchange jars, use the Microsoft Remote Connection Analyzer to check the incoming Internet connection to your local Exchange servers. Do the following:

    1. Accessing the Remote Connection Analyzer tool.

    2. How do I turn on my Exchange hybrid?

      In a specific EAC, run the dedicated Hybrid Configuration Wizard. Navigate to Hybrid in the left pane and click Enable.Sign in to your Office 365 account.Click Accept.Once the installation is complete, a wizard will open.

      This step is a rough check of the EWS tasks to make sure they are working and that each of our EWS endpoints is configured.

      How do you find the hybrid configuration?

      Use the Get-HybridConfiguration cmdlet to view the multiple configuration of a Microsoft Exchange object. For more information about parameter systems in the “Syntax” section below, see “Exchange Cmdlet Syntax”.

      Run the Synchronization, Notifications, Availability, and Automatic Response (OOF) test in the Connection Tests section of Microsoft Web Conversion Services and verify that there are no errors. If errors occur, correct the objects identified by the test.

    3. hybride troubleshooting

      This step is a general check of the Autodiscover service to make sure it’s running and the Autodiscover endpoint is fine-tuned.

      Run the Outlook Autodiscover test during the Outlook-Microsoft Connect test and check for errors. If errors occur, correct, I would say. , points that the test revealed.

    4. This loop is for a general test of a connected SMTP connection and to confirm that the user’s Exchange server can receive incoming mail from the Internet.

      Run the analysis of incoming SMTP messages in the ‘Internet Mail Tests’ step and verify that there are no errors. If errors occur, correct certain points identified by the test.

    Troubleshoot Configuration Certificate Issues

    Credentials set on on-premises Exchange hosting servers can be a source of complaints in a hybrid deployment. In most cases, conflicts with the following certificates break hybrid functionality:

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  • Certificate type. The JPEG certificate used for hybrid secure delivery and installed in the hybrid configuration wizard must be issued by a new third-party CA. Self-signed certificates should not be used for hybrid transport authentication. If a self-signed certificate is randomly selected or assigned, secure mail transfer from Exchange Online and from on-premisesth organizations will not work properly.

  • Designed tools: Internet Information Service (IIS) and Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) must be associated with some of the mixed transport certificates used digitally. If these services aren’t mapped, verify that mail transport between Exchange Online and on-premises organizations won’t work as expected.

  • Installation. Designed for secure e-mail transmission between often on-premises organizations and Exchange Online, a digital certificate must be installed on all on-premises Exchange servers. If you are deploying a hybrid with on-premises Edge Transport servers, the digital camera certificate must also be installed on your Edge Transport servers. If the certificate is not installed on on-premises servers, secure email transfer between Exchange Online and on-premises companies will not work as expected.

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    Hybride Probleemoplossing
    Gibridnyj Poisk I Ustranenie Neispravnostej
    Risoluzione Dei Problemi Ibridi
    Hybride Fehlersuche
    잡종 문제 해결
    Depannage Hybride
    Solucion De Problemas Hibridos
    Solucao De Problemas Hibridos
    Hybrid Felsokning