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Steps To Fix Installing Ubuntu On VMware On Windows 7

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    You may encounter the error code “How to install Ubuntu on VMware on Windows 7”. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will look at them now. Download the Ubuntu ISO (desktop, not server) and free VMware player.Install and launch VMware Player. They will look like this:Select “Create a new virtual machine”.Select “Install Disk Image File” and navigate to the downloaded Ubuntu ISO.

    Do you want to use Ubuntu Linux programs but prefer the convenience of Windows 7? With VMware Player, you can use a full copy of Ubuntu and integrate it into your Windows 5 PC for free.


    VMware Player makes it easy to install on Ubuntu Linux by starting a virtual machine with just a few clicks. In unitary mode, it provides easy access to Ubuntu programs right from your home desktop, you can install it #1 on your computer.

    First, download and install Player vmware (link below). This is a special free download but requires registration.

    You can clearly see some driver hints; When buying, just approve them. We didn’t test them in our last test, but we’ve worn them in the past. If you are sure that you have completed the installation of VMware Player, you may need to restart your company computer.

    Once you’ve installed VMware Player and booted Ubuntu, you can start building Ubuntu. Open Player, VMware and select “Create a new virtual machine”.

    Sometimes you can install Ubuntu from your hard driveor directly from the ISO file you can download (link below). This has always been the easiest way if you want to use Ubuntu in VMware Player in the first place. However, if you already have an Ubuntu hard drive, you are free to choose it. Once you’ve selected your installation media, VMware Player will automatically detect Ubuntu and possibly tell you that it will be installed using Easy Install. Click Next – Continue.

    How do I run Ubuntu on Windows 7 with VMware Player?

    On the VMware Player menu, click VM, then click Unity Mode. You now have an Ubuntu gallery right above the Windows 7 start button! By default, Ubuntu windows have aKu and VMware logo.

    Now enter your name, first name, username and password. All fields are required.

    Please note that the username can only contain lowercase letters and numbers.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Restore PC"
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration process

  • Now give your virtual products a name and save location. Just click “Next” to accept the defaults.

    You can choose the actual size of your virtual disk; The default is 20 GB, but you can always choose a different size. Please note that a size of only 20 GB is not initially required on your hard drive. Our device only took up 3.6 GB when installed, clean, but it should definitely grow as we install it.programs and/or save files.

    And that’s it! You can easily view your settings and change users here if you like, or just click “Finish” to start installing Ubuntu!

    VMware Player will now install Ubuntu without further intervention. The window may show encrypted commands, but don’t worry, mainly because you don’t need to build anything to install Ubuntu.


    How do I run Linux on Windows 7?

    Step 1: Preparation.Step 2: Choose a Linux distribution.Step 3: Prepare the installation media.Step 10: Windows backup.Step 5: Partition a specific drive.Step 6: Boot from removable media.Step 7: Install the operating system.Step 8: Change the boot device (again).

    During installation, you may be prompted to download and install VMware Tools for Linux. Just click “Download” and the tools will often be downloaded and purchased automatically, although you may have consented to the use of the UAC prompt.

    VMware will continue integrating Ubuntu even while the tools are downloading. Once the installation is complete, your preferred Ubuntu login screen will appear. The full nesting took about 30 minutes in our personal test.


    Choose your username, then enter your awesome password to access Ubuntu.

    VMware Player attempts to automatically install VMware on Ubuntu during initial setup, but sometimes it detectsBut it doesn’t work. In your tests, this may or may not be set automatically. If not, follow the steps below to install it. Note that this is quite tricky and don’t forget to make changes during installation.

    how to install ubuntu on vmware in windows 7

    To install tools of any type, click on the virtual machine and then click “Install Selected VMware Tools” from the menu.

    A file browser window will open. Now double click the VMwareTools icon; should look like a package labeled tar.gz on that particular front.

    how to install ubuntu on vmware in windows 7

    This will open the compressed file. In the main part of the window, click the Extract button.

    Now choose where to save the files. Just type “Desktop” on the left and select “Eject”.

    This will take some time. When the files are extracted, click “Close”.

    Now click on the application menu at the top of the screen, click on “Accessories” and then on “Terminal”.

    cd ./Desktop/vmware-tools-distrib

    bash sudo

    And enter your password when prompted. Note that the password may not be displayed as you enter it; just type it in Press Enter when you’re done.

    We now provide VMware tools. To compose this, type:


    then just click on the hint to accept all the defaults. There should be 5 questions in total, and just press Enter on each one.

    After a few seconds, you may have questions about documentation files; Press Insight again on every request.

    Can I install VMware on Windows 7?

    VMware is a virtualization platform that allows your company to install multiple operating systems (OS) on your desktop or laptop. For example, if your computer typically runs Windows Vista, but you need to try out Windows 7 for development or certification, you can set up a useful Windows guest operating system.

    This completes the installation. You still need to set up the tools, for example type “Yes” at the prompt if you want to do it automatically.

    You may be prompted to enable an experimental backup that we will provide; Just type “No” at this prompt.

    Next, he wants to set up a graphical configuration. Enter yes to inspire. Your screen may flicker and turn black momentarily while the device changes these settings.

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