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How To Fix Word Document Compression In Windows 7?

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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that can cause a Word document to shrink on Windows 7 and then we will suggest some possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem. Select an image in the document. Notice that the Image Format tab becomes available.On the Image Format tab, in the Settings group, select Image Compression.In the Compression Options section, do one of the following:In the “Permission” section, set “Use default resolution”.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Restore PC"
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  • Word documents can become large, unusually long, and complex documents with many images, fonts, and many embedded objects. But it also seems more p Remarkably, documents can become overstocked for seemingly no reason. When working with a large document, some clients may try to reduce the report size.

    If you have a Word document that is too large, the first thing to try is to change the images inside. This is usually because sites like How-To Geek have exhaustive articles explaining how to do it, and because images always increase the size of a Word document unnecessarily. You should always go ahead and follow the tips that people have written in this article, because whenever you have photos, they will help you.

    But if you’ve followed or haven’t followed these tips and need to further reduce your file size, we’ve got you covered. We have a lot of tips to share, so we’ve divided them into tools that will definitely help reduce the core size of a Word document, key topics that can be helpful, and those that are generally recommended, with tips that you shouldn’t bother with. . .

    Hints that will definitely help reduce the size of the document

    Not all of the tips you find will be helpful. Sometimes it’s because these people don’t apply to your situation (if you don’t have images, image compression methods won’t apply), but sometimes the advice is just wrong. We have tested all the tips in this category and know they work.

    Convert The Document To DOCX Format

    How do I reduce the file size of a Word document?

    compress images.Insert images instead of copy and paste.Use smaller image files.Apply styles instead of manual formatting.Save copies of excellent Word files.Change your auto-recovery settings.Avoid inline elements or sell them.

    how to compress a word document in windows 7

    Microsoft has ended support for the .docx format in Office for 36 months. If you’re still using the .file format, it’s time to convert it. The new .docx file type basically contains a ZIP file, compressing the contents of the document. Easily convert .doc file to .docx format to reduce document size. Also (this applies to other Office formats such as Excel (.xls to .xslx), PowerPoint (.ppt as path to .pptx) and Visio (.vsd to .vsdx) and by the way, too.)

    To convert a .doc file, this is suggested in Word and File > Info > Convert.

    At the prompt that appears, click OK, note the Save button, and Word marks your document as .docx. Word can do this conversion by creatinga brand new major version of the document in this new format, so you’ll still have the old .doc version.

    We scanned this using a sample 20 page .file containing six images, various tables and formatting marks. The other .doc file was 0.6001 KB, but the converted ..docx part was only 721 KB. This is 12% of the previous size. Nothing else we list below will increase your file size. This way, if you save your .doc file, you can read your .docx file, the job can be done at the end.

    Insert Your Images Instead Of Copying

    how to compress a word document in windows 7

    When you copy a letter or paste it into an image, Word makes certain assumptions about how to properly handle it. One such assumption is that you want the inserted image to be in some sort of BMP format which is a good file type, or sometimes in PNG format, and that’s a pretty big size too. A simple alternative is instead to paste the drawing into an editing program, hang it in a smaller format,for example JPG, and then use the Insert > Image command to insert the image directly into the document.

    Pasting the small screenshot below directly into a white Word document increased the size of that document from 22 KB to 548 KB.

    By drawing this screenshot in Paint, restoring it as a JPG, and then pasting that JPG into the document, ignoring it, we ended up with only 331 KB of documentation. This is only 40% more than less. Moreover, the use of the GIF format gave an amazing result: the document became cheaper by more than 60%. Scaling is the difference between a 10MB document and a 4MB document.

    Of course, you can’t be sure you’ll make it out of this. Sometimes you want the best recording quality that formats like BMP and PNG can offer. However, if the image is small or you don’t need particularly high quality, using a lighter format and enabling reflection may help.

    Edit The Image While Recording

    How do I reduce the size of a Word document 2007?

    Save in DOCX format. However, starting with Word 2007, documents are saved in DOCX format instead of DOC format.compress images. Before inserting an image into a written Word document, make changes in another graphics editor.Delete embedded fonts.

    When you edit a certain image in Word, all the authors of your image willImages are edited as part of the document. However, if you crop an image in this document, Word will still retain the traditional original image. Edit the image if you want it to be black and white and Word will keep the original color image.

    This will make your document unnecessarily large. So if you’ve made edits to your images and you’re sure you don’t need to undo those photos, you can often use the word “undo edit data”.

    But it’s better than removing unnecessary data from the document to not have that unnecessary data in the document at all. Any changes you might make, even quick ones like cropping or adding a real arrow, are best done in a good image editor before pasting them into the document image.

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