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Resolving Blue Screen With Jvc Dvd Player Troubleshooter

It’s worth reading these troubleshooting ideas when you get the “fix blue screen with jvc dvd player” error.

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    I’ve been using the JVC x500 for about 2 years and haven’t had any issues other than the occasional handshake when logging in or switching between techniques.

    But today, when I went to bed to watch football online on THE MERCI DES JOURS, I was greeted by a blue gift (of death) telling me that I had not received a donation.

    After a few rotations of the device, and therefore the source, nothing appeared but a blue screen.

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  • When I connect the projector’s receiver via HDMI, I hear well, but there is no video.

    If I bypass this receiver and plug the HDMI connection between the DVD player (oppo) or my new cable box directly into the JVC, I get no images and just a blue screen. (this happened with 1 input and 2 at the same time on the JVC) (the cable is quite a cable routed through the ceiling.

    fix blue screen with jvc dvd player

    Just in case I was dealing with a very bad HDMI cable, I used a completely different cable to connect the Comcast HDMI output directly to the projector (I was only able to do this for the Comcast box because it was easier to move and I didn’t need anything , except for the four-foot cable for a long run through the ceiling to the projector)… When connecting Comcast directly to the projector, another cable… NO INPUT.< /p>

    So I think I can’t deal with a bad cable, or maybe a bad receiver output.

    However, my two logins via JVC must be bad ????

    I have basically been using inout 1 for 2 years now. I’m guessing his entry 2 could still be bad, but since I didn’t use it, I didn’t always know.

    How likely is it that almost all of my JVC HDMI inputs are really bad???

    I called JVC, butThey probably had the audacity to close for the holidays (


    How do I fix the blue screen on my Samsung TV?

    To resolve this issue, families need to reset the smart hub. Be sure to keep an eye on almost all of your app’s connections, just to have it restart everything on your TV. Keep in mind that this fix is ​​to restart all settings on the best TV, so you need to restart your computer and enter your main applications.

    When I turn on my JVC 46N530 TV, all I see is a turquoise screen. I tried to write everything that was suggested, but absolutely nothing worked. I think I’m asking for a factory reset, but I don’t know how. Can someone come back to help you?

    fix blue screen with jvc dvd player

    Does the blue screen display all input? DVD, HDMI, cable, etc. ? Can you access the menu? There may be an option to reset the settings, i.e. whether users can access the menu. You can also try unplugging said device for a few minutes.

    Thanks, but the new blue gem is actually all your dark blue, not the blue that appears when you select an unconnected port. Does not display the menu. I tried to disable this method, but disabling

    doesn’t help

    How do I fix my TV when the screen goes blue?

    Reset the video source from your TV by turning it off for about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, HDMI cables have also hit the market. Then plug everything back in and reconnect all cables.

    Try the device for at least ten minutes. Plug it back in and see if you can access the sharedmenu. Also turn off any devices connected to the TV.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I did it with effect.

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    I use a JVC SR-V10U to burn cassettes to DVD. It worked fine with a large percentage of groups, but lately there have been problems with every group. I’ve searched a lot more but all I can see is a terrible blue screen everywhere. I just went through the menu, made settings and cleaned the heads, but nothing helped. Interestingly, in this case, the product simply shows its age or can make any other adjustments? Can I FF and REV and the video appears but in PLAY mode it’s just a blue screen. Does anyone have an explanation or information? Thanks.

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    I don’t know.

    One of the SR-V10U decks on this page stopped fiddling with recording solutions a year ago. Since there are usually multiple VCRs, you simply don’t need that many. We haven’t had time to deal with this yet. This VCR did not produce a clear solid screen, only a distorted signal when a cassette was probably playing. It seemed that the old plug-in channels were encrypted. If you had cable TV in the 1980s or 90s, you’ve probably seen this before. The blue screen may appear intermittently.

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