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Troubleshooting Tips For Visual Basic Word 2007

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    In this user guide, we are going to uncover some of the possible causes that might cause the Visual Basic Word 2007 error, and then we will offer some possible fixes that you can try to solve the problem.

    Combination of Begins to Word Award Letters in Microsoft Visual Runtime Classic Error 438: Object does not support this property or structure. This error occurs when one or more of the following errors occur.

  • First letter macros disabled
  • Users do not have direct access or cannot view the default home folder
  • The start document macro file ( was not found in our home directory
  • How do I fix Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications?

    Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Select your Microsoft Office program, then click Edit. Select Online Recovery, then click Restore.

    To test each of these conditions, do the following.

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    STEP 1. Check for disabled macros in Word

    In Word, click the Microsoft Office Button, select Word Options and optionally Add-Ins.


    Confirm that is listed under Active Application Add-Ins.

    If “” is displayed in the “Disabled Application Add-ons” section, source macros are usuallyare and should remain disabled.

    To re-enable macros, select Templates in the Manage area at the bottom of the screen, then click Go. Check the box next to “”. If necessary, enable this add-in and click OK.

    STEP 2: Set Word to look for macros in a different startup directory

    Source macros will be installed using the default Word launch location, typically:
    c:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWordStartup

    If unpaid launch space is limited, launch macros should be moved to a respected location that is accessible to the user. In Word, click the Microsoft Office Button, browse Word and Options, then click Trust Center. Face=”Verdana” Click the “Trust Center Settings…” button, change the settings to optimal, then select “Trusted Locations””.

    How do you show errors in Word?

    Open the main Word Options dialog box.On the left side of the dialog box, click Review.If you trust the dialog box, make sure that the Hide spelling errors in this document only check box is also unchecked.Click OK.

    error visual basic word 2007

    Click the “Add New Location…” icon to add the following startup directory, although it is trusted:
    C:Program new” FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12Startup

    Note Start does not require that “subfolders in this location also be approved”. This option can also be disabled.

    STEP 3. Copy homepage macros to another home directory

    Make sure the launch notification macro file ( has found someone’s new trusted location. This file will be permanently copied from the original home to the new location.

    default location (original): c: Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWordStartup

    (New) User Location: C:Program face=”Courier FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12Startup

  • Use Windows Explorer and upload the file from the folderextension autoload to a new start in “Office12 ” . Run”
  • Close on Word restart
  • Try sending the merge email again by clicking the Start button
  • STEP 4. Enable all macros

    How do I fix Microsoft Word 2007?

    Click the “Desktop” button.Click the user’s Word Options button.Click Resources.Click on the Diagnostics button.Click Next, then Run Diagnostics.

    Start integrates Microsoft Word in a variety of ways beyond standard direct mail. Unfortunately, to ensure full functionality, it is recommended to enable all macros. Use warnings and always run your antivirus when downloading documents from email devices or the Internet.

    In Word, click the Microsoft Office Button, select Word Options, and then click Trust Center. Face=”Verdana” To change these settings, click Trust Center Settings… and select Macro Settings. Select the option to enable all macros ‘.

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    Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processors in use today. Disappeared due to several changes over the past few years. Microsoft Word 2007 is the most stable and reliable version of MS Word for spouses and children. It is widely used in medical institutions and schools around the world to process and edit text files and documents. There are some great styles and tools that were never added to Microsoft Word 2007. They made it the perfect software for any text editing task you might need to perform. Among all these new features, one of the most important features that will be integrated into MS Word 2007 are macros.

    Macros are one of the most successful innovations unique to Microsoft Word 2007. Its purpose is to improve and speed up complex editing of Word documents. They include automating some tasks, adjustingExplicitly performed by all users to format their WordLog data. Well, if there is some kind of dilemma with the macros placed in the Word file, then all this can lead to the generation of an error associated with the macro. Possible reasons why the Microsoft Word 2007 marketplace might generate a macro error:

  • Changes to macro security settings
  • Missing Visual Basics for Applications (VBA) in the system
  • Attachment created by corrupted trust certificate with each macro
  • Part 1: How To Fix A Word 2007 File Macro Error

    How do I fix error messages in Word?

    Close all Microsoft Office programs, including Word and Microsoft Outlook.Depending on your version of Word, open the following folder.Virtually move the files in this large folder to your desktop.Open the clock folder:Move any files that may be in this folder to your desktop.Restart Word.

    error visual basic word 2007

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