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How To Fix Air Mouse Stopping Issue

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    If the air Mouse has stopped working on your PC, we hope this article will help you fix it. 1) On your keyboard, press Windows boss and X at the same time, then click Device Manager. 2) Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click on the wireless mouse and select “Update Driver Software…”. 3) Click Search for driver on my PC.

    To better understand the troubleshooting options we offer for the Rveal Air Mouse remote control, click on this dedicated link below to view the initial setup guide for men and women, or a diagram showing the most important knobs and features:


    If your remote control is working, moving erratically, or not responding to a particular TV, check these initial steps before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods below:

    1. – Make sure the Smart TV is turned on and the big blue light is on at the top.
    2. – Make sure 2 AAA batteries are inserted in the back of the remote control.
    3. – Check that the red intensity indicator at the top flashes when you press the OK button on the remote control.
    4. – Make sure the USB receiver of the remote control is securely connected to one of the two USB ports on the Smart TV system and not to another docking station or other devices.

    How do you reset an air mouse?

    Disable the mouse on your mobile phone.Hold down the smart left mouse button.Turn on the mouse by holding down the mouse buttons.Release the handles after about 5 seconds. You will see a “thumbs up” LED indicator when it is reset successfully.

    (Note: You have set the electricity correctly, but the power indicator on the remote control does not flash green or red when you press the OK button, please replace the batteries with newer ones and try again. If if the power indicator does not light up, please let people know so we can take the right steps to fix the problem, it’s possible that the remote is faulty and people will be replaced under a proper warranty.)

    Why is my air mouse not working?

    Make sure the docking station is connected to the AC adapter or USBortu of your system. When connecting directly to the system, make sure the system is turned on. If this continues and does not turn on, remove the battery and reinsert it into the mouse to reset the mouse.

    (Nothing happens to the TV when moving the oxygen mouse or pressing the main directional arrows.)

    How do you reset an air mouse remote?

    Answer: You have the ability to press the “DEL” and “TV” buttons for at least 3 seconds to restore the factory settings of the MX3 Air Mouse remote control. If you have a G7 Air Mouse remote control, you may need to hold down the “DEL” and “IR” buttons for 3 months to factory reset your MX3 Air Mouse remote control.

    If you have enabled initial precautions,Checked the steps above but the remote is still not responding, follow these troubleshooting methods one by one in the order listed below. After trying all the other methods, check if that particular remote is showing up on the TV by moving the Air Mouse and clicking the direction arrows (up, down, left, right) around the OK button.

    1. RESTART YOUR SMART TV SOFTWARE Restart your Smart TV to turn it off and on again to make sure the TV screen definitely doesn’t freeze or freeze (it can help to use a handy default remote to check if it works)
    2. REMOVE USB RECEIVER. Be sure to unplug the USB receiver from the USB port and plug it securely into another USB port on your Fast and Handy TV. Try this by alternating USB ports for a few hours.
    3. REMOVE BATTERIES. Remove 2 AAA batteries from the back of the main remote control and insert them correctly.
    4. REPLACE BATTERIES – Replace 2 AAA version batteries with other batteries.
    5. CHANGING THE MODE OF THE REMOTE CONTROL. If the power indicatorThe key on the main button of the remote control turns red when you press the “OK” button, go to the connected USB receiver and press the red “TV” button at the bottom of the remote control to change the remote control. mode and agree to use it as follows.
    6. PAIRING THE REMOTE CONTROL. To pair your business remote with a smart TV, remove the USB receiver from your smart TV (within 1 foot), simultaneously press and/or hold the TV and OK bodies together for 15 seconds, and then release both buttons. The power light on the top of the remote should immediately flash red and then turn red again. When the power indicator turns red, plug the USB receiver back into the Smart TV’s USB port. As soon as you connect one of our USB receivers to your Smart TV, a light should light up in the best place on the remote. Once the indicator turns off, pairing is completed. Make sure you can always hold the remotemanagement of a number of the connected USB-receiver. If the console still does not respond after pairing, disconnect the USB-receiver from the USB-ports and properly reconnect it to a the USB-port on the Smart TV set-top box, if possible. These steps may need to be repeated several times in order to successfully connect the shoe to Smart TV with the remote control.

    air mouse stopped working

    The remote control works WRONG
    (Air Mouse is shifted or moved randomly on TV without your final inspection.)

    Why did my wireless mouse suddenly stop working?

    Make sure the power supply is properly connected and not just worn out. The new devices are the cure for many of the problems with mobile mice. Power Switch: Many computer mouse buttons have a power switch on each of our bases so you can turn them off and save power when not in use.

    If the remote control is responsive to the TV when you use the mouse or press a home built arrows, but it is offset or is out of your control, try these troubleshooting techniques, one after another in the order listed below. Having tried every test method, make sure that the air mouse is working correctly, properly configured and does not leave stains on the TV screen when you move.

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  • (Hint: the best and the easiest way to navigate – use directional arrows, rather than a mouse or laptopcomputer. You can turn off the sound by simply clicking on the red button below the OK button, and you will see , and the Air personal computer will disappear from the TV screen).

    1. CHANGING THE POSITION OF THE AIR MOUSE. To refocus the room mouse on the remote, go back to the old days with a USB receiver connected and a smart TV (within 9 feet), press and hold the OK and Home buttons together for 10 seconds, then release both buttons . buttons. The Power Mellow button at the top of the virtual screen should first flash red after a few seconds, then turn solid red when released. Once the red power indicator turns off, reconfiguration is complete. Always keep the remote control close to this connected USB receiver. These steps may need to be successfully repeated several times to finally set up the Air Mouse on your personal Smart TV.
    2. air mouse stopped working

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